Nauru - A quirk of nature means that the island consists of some of the world's purest phosphate - the legacy of millions of years of sea bird droppings reacting with an uplifted coral.
From independence from Britain and Australia in 1968, until the 1990s, Nauru earned a fortune exporting its phosphate for fertiliser. A police chief memorably bought a sleek yellow Lamborghini, only to find he was too portly to fit in the driver's seat. "We just didn't know how to handle it all," a barefoot islander told me as he played his guitar beneath a tree.

(Ever met a normal person? And, did you like it?, 1980 )

A State of Agreement - Short film about Stephen Willats, 2008

In oktober 1967 verscheen de 21-jarige Phil Bloom geheel naakt in het VPRO-programma Hoepla
(In October 1967 appeared the 21-year-old Phil Bloom completely naked in the VPRO program Hoepla)